“Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company” CJSC (ASCO) has placed an order with “Baku Shipyard” LLC (BS) for construction of two tankers for the transportation of oil and chemical products, as well as three diving vessels, ASCO told SIA.

In this regard, a corresponding agreement was signed between ASCO Chairman of the Board Rauf Valiyev and BS Chairman of the Board Elshad Nuriyev.

According to the document, new tankers will have a lifting capacity of 8 thousand tons each. Diving vessels are designed to operate at a depth of up to 45 meters.

Vessels, which will be built in accordance with the Strategic Plan for the Development of Shipping for 2022-2030, adopted by the ASCO Supervisory Board, will play an important role in the work carried out in the direction of oil and gas production in our country, as well as further improvement of the quality of maritime transport services for transportation of oil and oil products.

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