Turkmenistan offers environmental aspects of its seaport to overseas partners

Turkmenistan presented environmental aspects of the Turkmenbashi International Seaport to foreign partners, Trend repors.

According to the official source, these aspects were presented by Turkmenistan at the 86th session of the Inland Transport Committee of the Economic Commission for Europe on the transition to decarbonization of inland transport by 2050 in Geneva.

The event was attended by the heads of the relevant departments of the US, the Netherlands, Nigeria, and Saudi Arabia, as well as representatives of international organizations such as the UNFCCC, IRF, and UNCTAD.

It was announced that purification plants have been installed in the International Seaport of Turkmenbashi to preserve the ecology of the Caspian Sea, using technologies powered by electricity and not harmful to nature.

At the same time, the port applies the principle of minimizing the impact of waste and emissions on the environment.

Furthermore, during the event, the speakers spoke about the practice and ongoing work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in domestic transport and also shared that 72 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions relate to the transport sector.

Meanwhile, as part of the country's sustainable development strategy in recent years, Turkmenistan has been paying special attention to the gradual transition to environmentally friendly types of cargo transportation.

This includes the development of the railway network, the electrification and modernization of the fleet using gas and electric transport, as well as encouraging the use of alternative energy sources.

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