17 years pass from the occupation of Gubadli

17 years pass from the occupation of Gubadli. Azerbaijani Gubadli region (826 sq/km territory) was occupied by Armenian armed forces on August 31, 1993. As SIA reports, 232 inhabitants of Gubadli died and 146 got disabled in Karabakh war. Armenians burnt down and devastated 94 villages and settlements, 205 public facilities and 12 historical monuments in Gubadli. 21 secondary, 15 eight-year, 15 primary and 7 preschool institutions functioned in Gubadli, where 33.800 people lived before the aggression; 1280 teachers worked in these training and educational institutions. Besides, 111 culture and educational establishments, as well as 60 libraries, 10 culture houses, 28 clubs and 6 auto clubs functioned in the region. Armenians ravaged Gubadli historical and ethnographical museum with more than 5 thousand rare exhibits. "Gavur deresi" – IV century, "Galali" and "Goygala" monuments – V century, "blacksmiths’ tomb" (Demirchiler turbesi) built in XIV century, Haji Badal bridge, Lalezar bridge, as well as other historical monuments in Ayin, Yusifbeyli, Seytas, Garagajli, Khocamsakhli villages are under occupation today.

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