The Washington Times publishes article on Azerbaijan

The Washington Times has published an article entitled "Misrepresenting Azerbaijan" authored by Maayan Jaffe.

The author said over the last several years, the Republic of Azerbaijan, widely acknowledged and praised for its commitment and pursuit of religious tolerance, has become a target of harsh criticism by the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIF). "Apparently, somewhat confused about its mandate, the commission issues statements about political issues, which have nothing to with religion and religious freedom, refers to places within Azerbaijan by Armenian names revealing, inadvertently perhaps, its sources of information," the author noted.

The author says that in Azerbaijan, women are still empowered and minorities enjoy safe and free lives.

The author stressed when America interfered in the situation related with human rights of any country, so that state faced political instability, which turned the country into a battlefield, for example, Egypt, Palestine, Iraq, Syria and Libya.

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