Davutoghlu's visit to Yerevan showed cold Armenia-Turkey ties

The meeting between Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian was a purely diplomatic protocol meeting, SIA reports.

Though Turkey is an important country for Armenia, Davutoglu could not meet with Armenian president during his visit to Yerevan and this shows that the relations between the two countries are very cold, he said.

The MP also noted that despite this tension, Armenia seeks to warm ties with Turkey and thus benefit from large opportunities of this country.

"But this is unacceptable for Turkey at the moment. This is because fraternal Turkey, its leaders and mainly Turkish public see these relations through the condition of de-occupation of Azerbaijan’s lands and always remain committed to this position.

At the same time, the fact that Turkey has always supported Azerbaijan, its strategic ally and that calls Armenia to adhere to international legal norms is a very important step."

The recent meeting of foreign ministers in Yerevan is a step realized as part of the event organized by international organizations in Yerevan, Mirzazade added.

"It is true that Turkey applied a novelty by sending not some official of the Foreign Ministry, but Davutoglu himself to the meeting. The fact that three Armenians also joined this visit from the Turkish side can be considered as a positive step of Turkey towards Armenia. But I note once again that the warmth in ties between Turkey and Armenia is possible only through Armenia’s withdrawal from occupied lands of Azerbaijan and fraternal Turkey always takes it into consideration in its relations with Armenia," Mirzazade added.

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