Sabine Freizer: “Minsk Group is too weak; it can not influence the conflicting parties”

"Minsk Group is too weak, it can not influence the conflicting parties.

Therefore, Azerbaijan and Armenia have not achieved progress on main principles," said Director of the International Crisis Group's Europe Programme Sabine Fraizer in her interview with " She said that Azerbaijan and Armenia must be careful in this case, because the restoration of peace between the parties depends only on them.

Sabine Freizer also touched on the opening of Khojaly airport. She said this issue has become the theme of dispute:

"Armenian president used this issue in his pre-election campaign and I think that it will be further used for propaganda in Azerbaijan, too. The situation around the airport has been politicized," she said.

Commenting on the reports that Turkey will invite Armenia to the regional transport project, if there is an improvement regarding Nagorno Karabakh conflict, Sabine Freizer said this is not a new idea and she regards these initiatives as positive.

"The new transport projects will help strengthen confidence between the sides. Azerbaijan has stated that this project can be realized only after Armenia withdraws forces from the occupied territories. Moreover, I do not think that Turkey wants to interfere in the process of negotiations. Simply, this country defends its interests, because this project will unite Asia and Europe through Turkey. I think this project can be realized after some of Azerbaijan’s territories are released," she said.

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