Armenians killed five Azerbaijani soldiers

The Defense Ministry has made a statement on the tensions on the front line.

According to sources in the ministry, the sabotage group of Armenians attempted to access the Azerbaijani armed positions in Ashaghi Askipara village and were obliged to surrender with losses,SIA reports.

During the battle Azerbaijani armed forces lost four servicemen. Another soldier died as a result of the fire launched from the nameless heights of Gazakh region.

Names of soldiers killed during the attacks of Armenians made public.

Press service of the Defense Ministry told that the killed soldiers are:

Aliyev Amil Novruz (1988 Neftchala)
Azizov Khalid Matlab (1993 Sheki)
Baghirov Vahid Intigam (1993 Aghsu)
Atashli Zulfugar Veli (1993 Jalilabad)
Ismayilov Elchin Alovsat (1993 Yevlakh)

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