Ecology Ministry spreads information over anniversary of Lachin occupation

Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources has disseminated information in connection with the 20th anniversary of the occupation of Lachin.

According to the ministry Azerbaijan, Lachin has the medicinal springs as Turshsu, Galaderesi, Aganus, Hyrmanlar, Tigig, Tursh-tigig, Noureddin, Nagdali, Hajikhanly.

The area also has three mercury deposits (Narzanly, Chilgezchay, Sarybulag) totaling 1124 tons, marble limestone deposits Hochaz for the production of facing stones, where reserves amount to 2,533 cubic meters, 2 tuff deposits (Agoglan and Ahmadli) with a total reserve of 5,125 cubic meters, Lachin limestone deposits (4,457 cubic meters), clay deposits in Novruzlu - 998 cubic meters, suitable for production brick, pumice stone in the common stock of 2,144 in Gushchu clay-sand mixture in Yukhari Hakari-chay (15,794 cubic meters), agate, whose reserves amount to 10 tons, two deposits of colored stones stock 0.9 tons, three general reserves of volcanic ash totaling 10,449 tones, and mineral water in Minkend, whose operating reserves make 4,300 cubic meters per day.

The Lachin State Nature Reserve area covered 20 hectares that was established to protect rare natural complexes in 1961 covered an area of 20,000 hectares. . Founded in 1987, the Garagol State Natural Reserve occupied a territory of 240 ha.

The reserve has 68 species of plants. Two plane trees of 400 years of age were registered in Lachin, on the right bank of Hakari river and in Zabukh village.

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