Armenian armed forces breaks ceasfire in several directions

Armenian armed forces have again violated ceasefire by firing at Azerbaijani positions, according to the news service for the Defense Ministry of Azerbaijan.

Armenian armed forces fired at Azerbaijani posts on nameless heights of Gadabay from their positions on nameless heights of the Krasnoselsk region of Armenia from 10.45 until 11.10 on 14 May.

They also fired at Akhbulaq village of Tovuz from Chinarli village of Berd, Armenia from 18.00 until 18.10.

Armenians fired from positions near Kuropatkino village of Khojavand from 11.10 until 11.25 and from Gulustan village of Goranboy from 17.00 until 17.35.

They also fired from the posts near Yusifjanly village of Aghdam from 02.15 until 02.30 on 15 May.

In all cases the enemy was silenced by reprisal fire.

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