Ombudsperson didn’t receive an appeal for pardon this year- Elmira Suleymanova

"We want amnesty acts and pardon decrees to be issued frequently and continuously in the country," Ombudsperson Elmira Suleymanova told journalists.

Suleymanova said that Ombudsperson Office didn’t receive an appeal for pardon this year: "We don’t expect such applications to enter the Ombudsperson Office. We regularly conduct monitoring in the detention facility on our initiative and meet prisoners and note their desires and offers."

Suelymanova said that she couldn’t say that pardon decree will be signed in the near future: "There is no other country that issues 9 amnesty acts and 51 pardon decrees within a short period. But Azerbaijan has carried out it. Of course, as an Ombudsperson, I submit my proposals to the relevant organizations during the amnesty act. 367 people were released by the petition of the Ombudsperson up to now. This experience may be an example for other countries."

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