Armenians provide false information about history of the Caucasus-Ali Hasanov

Armenians distort ancient and modern history before the eyes of the entire world.

Armenian historians invent myths, build their history on these myths and deceive the scientific community of the world.

The statement came from head of the public and political affairs department at the Presidential Administration of Azerbaijan Ali Hasanov in his address to the international scientific conference 'Role of Caucasian Albania in history of Azerbaijan and Caucasus'.

Armenians provide false information about history of the Caucasus for various political encyclopedias around the world, Hasanov said.

'They privatize ethnic structure, ancient culture of peoples and everything good they possess and try to armenize them and describe other nations as nomadic and being far from cultured.

We should think about future development of South Caucasus. No nation living in the South Caucasus will leave this region. We should build our history while looking forward to future. We should know what nations lived here and how they lived here, how they came here. But one should not build his future history on historical past,' Hasanov added.

Each nation should ensure its welfare within the borders recognized by the UN, the official continued.

'Each nation in the region should benefit from wealth and resources of other nation in a civil manner and under international law. Otherwise, claims to territory of some nation and its natural resources will cause an adequate response and resistance from the opposite side. It is known what consequences this may cause.'

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