Eagle shoots selfies after stealing camera FUNNY

Rangers in Western Australia have released remarkable footage inadvertently shot by an eagle that made off with one of their video cameras and took it on a 100km journey, SIA reports citing ABC News.

The clip shows the underside of the juvenile sea eagle's wing as it collects the camera in its talons and takes off in the Kimberley.

The eagle later records a bird selfie when it puts the camera down and pecks at the lens.

The motion-sensor camera disappeared in May, not long after it was set up near a meat trap to record freshwater crocodiles in the Margaret River, the ABC reports.

Gooniyandi ranger Roneil Skeen told ABC News that he and his colleagues assumed the camera had fallen into the water.

They were recently contacted by a Parks and Wildlife ranger who recovered the camera near the Mary River, about 110km from where it was taken.

The high-definition footage was downloaded from the camera when it was returned to Skeen's team.

"It was pretty amazing because it's one of the first camera traps to ever get picked up," Skeen said.

"It was pretty cool so we were pretty shocked."

It's fortunate that a juvenile eagle still learning to hunt took the camera — Skeen said that an adult eagle would have taken the camera high into the air and dropped it, smashing it on the ground.

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