Prosecutor General: “Definitive steps have been taken and will continue to be taken in relation to calls for national security”

“From time to time I think that such meetings are necessary. Let no one say that we have together gathered for teaching something to journalists. This is definitely not the case,” Prosecutor General Kamran Aliyev said during his speech at the conference on "Ensuring information security of the society in the conditions of media freedom and the growing influence of social networks", SİA reports.

According to him, all of us support the policy of the state, and everyone should implement his work with responsibility for the development of the state: “Engaging intensive activity in the future does not mean that you should write what we say or we should immediately react to what you wrote. Our purpose is to eliminate some gaps. If national security calls are made, the prosecutor's office must take decisive steps in line with its activities. It has been taken so far, and will also be taken from now on.”

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