Turkish Minister: "Let the world know that we will stand by Azerbaijan forever"

"10-15 years ago, several countries did not sell us unmanned aerial vehicles, and they begrudged the fight against terrorism in this way. However, we have reversed this process with national technology. Today, those countries are waiting to receive these wonderful technologies from Turkey, " said Turkish Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank at the TECHNOFEST technology festival held in Azerbaijan today, SİA reports.

The Turkish Minister of Industry and Technology said that if young people are supported, there is nothing they cannot do: “Every year, the festival breaks records with its number of participants. The path to political independence passes through technological independence. We have witnessed well the attitude of the world to Turkey in the fight against Cyprus and terrorism.TECHNOFEST Azerbaijan is the biggest answer to attitude. Today, we do not hold a single technology festival, we send a message to the world that we are brotherly countries. Long live Azerbaijan, Turkey!”

Mustafa Varank noted that like Turkey, we are proud of our role in the liberation of Karabakh with national technologies: “Today we stand by Azerbaijan with all our capabilities. Let the whole world know that we will be with Azerbaijan forever ."

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