Ombudsman: "Appeal addressed to international organizations for taking legal measures on Armenian leadership"

"I congratulate our Mr. President, Victorious Army, IDPs, displaced from those territories many years ago on the occasion of the glorious victory, gained last year," said Ombudsman, Deputy Sabina Aliyeva at the meeting of the Azerbaijani Parliament today, SİA reports.

According to the Ombudsman, amazing victory, gained by the Victorious Azerbaijani Army in the direction of the liberation of our territories under the leadership of Supreme Commander-in-Chief last year, is a real heroism chronicle in the victorious Azerbaijan history: "I regularly visited districts and cities, situated away from the frontline and destroyed as a result of the Armenian aggression during the war, I conducted the fact-finding mission. Interviews were given, appeals were addressed to international organizations to deliver Azerbaijan's righteous voice to the world community. Requirements of assessment of anti-human treatment of Armenia against Azerbaijani hostages by international organizations, taking international-legal measures against Armenian political leadership have been noted in the appeals."

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