Shevchenko: Azerbaijani army will fully restore sovereignty of the Republic

"I highly appreciate the success of the Azerbaijani army. The Azerbaijani army is steadily and inexorably liberating its homeland from foreign occupation, untying the Karabakh knot." Russian journalist and political scientist Maxim Shevchenko told the Russian Bureau of Report.

"Pashinyan is ready to throw the Armenian youth into the fire of war, grinding it senselessly to realize his ambitions, his love of power, and responsibility to the oligarchs behind him. I believe that the continuation of that war is a crime against the Armenian people," he said, commenting on the Armenian prime minister's words that Nagorno - Karabakh conflict has no peaceful solutions.

According to Shevchenko, Azerbaijan can fully restore its territorial integrity: "I think that the Azerbaijani army will fully restore the sovereignty of the Republic, go to the state border of Azerbaijan, take it entirely under control, and on the other side there will be Russian border guards who guard the Armenian border.

After that, it will probably be necessary to move on to peace negotiations and agreement between Azerbaijan and Armenia, recognizing Azerbaijan's territorial borders and regular cooperation between the peoples."

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