The church in Shusha was hit by Armenians - Russian media

Russia's Gurkhan website wrote about how Armenians manipulated the world community using their ancient weapon - forgery.

SİA reports that the Armenian Diaspora is trying to divide Russia and Azerbaijan, as well as actively use the religious issue to turn the Russian people against the Azerbaijanis.

"Allegedly, the Azerbaijani military deliberately fired rockets at a church in Shusha. The Azerbaijani army is trying to minimize the damage to the city's infrastructure by striking only military facilities. Another issue is the hiding of Armenians and Karabakh separatists behind civil and cultural values. The Azerbaijani Army has repeatedly stated its principled position on non-firing on civilians. However, the Armenians are spitting on the ceasefire they are begging for, deliberately targeting children and the elderly and attacking the peaceful cities of Azerbaijan. What kind of Christian are they? They are Nazis who are indifferent to faith and human life." - the Russian media portal states.

The article says that Azerbaijan is a secular, multicultural country:

Like some Russian "experts", it is ridiculous to talk about the Islamization of the South Caucasus, referring to Azerbaijan. To see the coexistence of Christian Albania and Muslim Sheibani monuments, it is enough to watch any video about the sights of Baku.

Babek Khurramdin, the hero of the VIII-IX centuries, takes the first place in the pantheon of national heroes of Azerbaijan. He dedicated 20 years of his life to the struggle against the Arab invaders.

At Surakhani, 30 km from the centre of Baku, there is the Ateshgah-Alov Temple, a place of worship for Zoroastrians. In addition, the city is inhabited by old Russian believers - Molokans. And no one interferes in their economic and religious life. There are also Orthodox churches and synagogues in Baku. But there is no xenophobia, religious or national hatred.

What are the Armenians doing in Karabakh? The temple damaged after the provocative blow of the Armenian artillery in Shusha cannot be called ancient. It was built in the late 19th century during the reign of Russian Emperor Alexander III. The oldest part of the temple is the church bell, built-in 1858. That is why there is no need to shout about the allegedly destroyed ancient buildings. This is not antiquity, but reconstruction. Thus, during the Soviet era, this temple served as a warehouse and garage.

It should be mentioned that Azerbaijan has been fighting for the liberation of its Armenian-occupied lands for 30 years. According to four resolutions of the United Nations Security Council, the territory, which was demanded to be returned to Azerbaijan and was destroyed after the war...

At 6:00 on Sunday morning, Armenia committed a Hitler-style armed provocation, forcing Azerbaijan to launch retaliatory military operations. This is Armenia, which bombs the civilian population of Azerbaijan with Russian Scad and Tochka-U missiles. This is Armenia, which begged for a ceasefire after the defeat on the front, and immediately violated it by killing Azerbaijani old men, women and children. We must not forget this!”

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