Azerbaijan`s Milli Majlis vehemently condemns biased views of Chairman of Luxembourg's Chamber of Deputies

As part of his visit to Armenia, Claude Wiseler, Chairman of Luxembourg's Chamber of Deputies made a number of accusations against Azerbaijan while he addressed the parliament meeting on May 22.

Azerbaijan`s Milli Majlis responds to Claude Wisler's views, by saying: “Azerbaijan`s Milli Majlis vehemently condemns and firmly protest these biased and absurd ideas.

It seems like representatives of Luxembourg, who have defined French as the primary language in their legislation, are too ambitious to continue the "French style" in their approach to the South Caucasus region. Thus, they do not hesitate to freely distort the processes taking place in the region, and even refrain from making some demands against Azerbaijan.

It is impossible to distort the existing realities. Let's give the Chairman of the Chamber of Deputies of Luxembourg a reminder of a number of facts: The internationally recognized territories of Azerbaijan, which are four times larger than Luxembourg, have been under the occupation of Armenia for 30 years. During the occupation, more than one million of Azerbaijani civilians became refugees and internally displaced persons, while eight cities and hundreds of villages, countless historical, religious and cultural monuments were destroyed and demolished.

It is a pity, the Parliament of Luxembourg, which acts as a guarantor of humanitarian values and fundamental rights, has chosen its own behavior style, preferring to show no care to all these tragic events, the objective realities.

Under the leadership of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev, Azerbaijan liberated its lands and ensured the norms and principles of international law on its own. Today, areas four times larger than Luxembourg are under restoration and rebuilding with great deal of efforts. The IDPs return to their native lands.

Despite the grave consequences of the thirty-year occupation and the atrocities committed, Azerbaijan today is also an initiator of the reconciliation process that would bring long-term peace and stability to the region. It is obvious to everyone that such speeches of foreign emissaries are not a step taken for the sake of peace and stability in the region at a time when Azerbaijan-Armenia bilateral peace talks are progressing fruitfully. There is no doubt that these interference attempts are aimed at preventing successful results in the peace process. We suggest insistently that the Parliament of Luxembourg and its President should divert their ‘support’ elsewhere.

We would like to remind the Armenian side that welcoming and supporting unilateral approaches, fabrications and lies of third parties outside the region to the processes taking place in the region does not benefit either the peace process or confidence-building steps.”

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