Azerbaijani police found 43 automatic weapons, 3 pistols, 8 rifles in Khankandi city

The process of detecting and neutralizing war remnants and sources of danger in order to turn the liberated territories into safe areas, is ongoing by Ministry of Internal Affairs officers, the Ministry told SİA.

On May 11-18, as a result of measures implemented by the police, 43 automatic weapons, 3 pistols, 8 rifles, 15 grenades, a bomb (C4), 19 lighters, 209 cartridge combs, 6480 cartridges of different calibers, 15 bayonets, 1 video surveillance drone and other ammunition in Khankandi city, 13 automatic weapons, 2 grenade launchers, a machine gun and 60 cartridges of different calibers were found and seized in areas of Shusha, Fuzuli amd Khojaly districts.

Measures in this direction are underway.

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