225 students infected with coronavirus in Azerbaijan from February 1 until 21

"According to the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On additional measures regarding organization of activity of educational facilities in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan during special quarantine regime” dated January 22, 2021 and relevant order of the Ministry of Education, traditional education is partly continued in general educational institutions in the country from February 1. Traditional education has partly been organized in 4,427 schools, 71,764 classes on February 1-21," Ministry of Education told SİA.

Total number of students, involved in visual education, is 600,000, while number of workers is 120,000. The attendance rate of the students and teachers, participated in visual lessons during the period, has been 90%: "Number of students, infected with the coronavirus over the country, has been 225 (0.03% of students, involved in visual education), while number of infected staff is 159 (0.13% of total staff) on February 1-21."

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