Azerbaijan, Pakistan to facilitate product transit at customs

Azerbaijan and Pakistan are working on signing the Transit Trade Agreement, Pakistan's ambassador to Azerbaijan, Bilal Hayee, told Report.

"Azerbaijan and Pakistan are not located next to each other. Two countries must cross the border of other states to send products to each other. Therefore, such an agreement is very important. This agreement will facilitate the work at customs during the shipment of products between Azerbaijan and Pakistan. The governments of the two countries are actively working on the document. We hope that the work on the agreement will be concluded soon," he noted.

In addition, the ambassador added that work is underway to sign the Preferential Trade Agreement between Azerbaijan and Pakistan, and this process is expected to be completed in 2022:

"The value of trade turnover between Azerbaijan and Pakistan is not high. We believe the current number will increase soon since we are working on two important documents. We hope that these agreements will be inked soon, and there will be a great upsurge in our bilateral trade."

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