‘Punishments for poaching must be tightened in Azerbaijan’

"In many cases, hunters organizations violate the law. They are giving fake inspector cards to the persons and put their life in danger," said Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources Huseyn Baghirov.

According to him, as a result of this, those people having no weapons come across armed poachers and risk their lives: "Such cases are contrary to the legislation. It doesn’t help to prevent poaching, on the contrary have negative impact. Not only the ministry’s employees, but also all public, other organizations must fight against such cases."

Baghirov said facts of poaching are revealed during the raids of the ministry.

"During the raids we reveal illegal hunting of birds and other animals. Sometimes there are animals that must be simply left to nature. For example, porcupines are calm animals and their meat is not used. But attempts are also made to hunt and sell them," he said.

Minister said punishments for poaching must be tightened.

"People must know that they can not only be fined, but also arrested. Maybe in this case these measures will be efficient," he said.

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