Issues discussed between Hikmat Hajiyev and Armen Grigoryan revealed

The issues discussed in the meeting between Hikmat Hajiyev, the Assistant to the President of Azerbaijan - Head of the Foreign Policy Department of the Presidential Administration, and Armen Grigoryan, the Secretary of the Security Council of Armenia, have been revealed, Report informs, citing Hikmat Hajiyev.

“We thank the US for organizing this meeting and for the efforts to ensure lasting peace in the region. The results of the meeting were reported by Jake Sullivan as agreed before. The main point here is to continue the efforts on the peace agenda within a specific time frame. Negotiations on the peace agreement, delimitation of borders, the opening of transport lines, as well as issues of landmines and missing persons, which are part of the humanitarian agenda, were discussed at the meeting,” Hajiyev noted.

Hikmat Hajiyev and Armen Grigoryan met at the White House on September 27, on the initiative of US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan.

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