South Korea, US to discuss formal end to Korean War

South Korea and the US will discuss the recent proposal by President Moon Jae-In to legally cement the end of the Korean War, KBS reported Tuesday, citing Director of National Intelligence Service Suh Hoon.

"Since the inter-Korean communication channels have been restored, we must ramp up the interaction between the two Koreas and the US. Further consultations will be dedicated to this," Suh Hoon said.

Meanwhile, he refrained from speculating whether the US will support the idea to legally declare the end of the Korean War, but confirmed that his issue has been included in the agenda.

Suh Hoon is expected to meet US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan on October 12.

On September 21, Moon Jae-In urged to sign the declaration on the end of the Korean War, which ended with a truce in 1953. Formally, the sides remain in a state of war.

Later, Deputy Director of the Publicity and Information Department Korea of North Korea called Moon Jae-In’s proposal an interesting, good idea.

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