Julian Assange's wife urges United States: Cease deplorable attack on journalism!

Stella Assange, the wife of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, appealed to the United States, urging them to halt what she called a "deplorable attack on journalism."

Addressing journalists in front of the High Court in London, Stella Assange emphasized that the Biden administration should drop the charges against Julian Assange. She welcomed the judges' decision to grant Julian Assange the right to appeal against his extradition order to the United States.

"It is high time for the Biden administration to end this lawsuit. Stop the deplorable attack on journalism," she stated firmly.

Speaking about Julian's health, Stella Assange expressed concern, mentioning that he is under high pressure. She highlighted that it has been five years since Julian Assange has been detained in Belmarsh prison in the UK.

"The Biden administration should have dropped the charges from day one. This matter has been ongoing for 14 years. I appeal to those in the United States, to those who have the authority to make this decision: End the lawsuit!"

Stella Assange later joined Julian Assange's brother and father to meet with supporters of Julian Assange.

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