Russian President orders revival of "Let's Go, Girls!" competition, stirring nationwide debate

In a notable move, Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich has instructed the heads of state institutions to revive the "Let's Go, Girls!" ("A nu-ka, devushki!") competition on television, SIA reports.

According to directives published on the Kremlin's official website, this initiative aims to reignite the nationwide competition, with responsibility for implementation assigned to senior officials of Russia's founding institutions. A report on progress is expected to be submitted to the head of state by November 1.

The "Let's Go, Girls!" competition was once a prominent feature in the Soviet Union, and from 1970 to 1987, it aired on Central Television, showcasing female excellence in various professions.

This decision comes after a request from colleagues at the Nizhny Tagil Uralvagonzavod, who appealed to President Putin to revive the competition. His positive response reflects an effort to rejuvenate cultural and professional endeavors within the nation.

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