Baku Initiative Group to support New Caledonia in International Court of Justice

On one hand, the Istanbul conference contributed to the demonstration of solidarity with the peoples who suffered from colonialism, and on the other hand, it made it possible to establish a framework of political action aimed at fighting against the colonial power of France, the communiqué issued by the Baku Initiative Group stated, Report informs.

Within the framework of the international conference "Decolonization: The Awakening of Renaissance," organized by the Baku Initiative Group, a delegation of independence supporters and nationalists from Kanaki - New Caledonia gathered in Istanbul, on February 24. The main goal of the Baku Initiative Group is to support the fight against colonialism and neocolonialism.

It was also emphasized that the delegation from Kanaki - New Caledonia at the conference attended by the representatives of the countries that suffered from the colonial policy of France, as well as specialized institutions of the UN, opposed the steps taken by the Macron government to legalize the mass migration organized by the French government in accordance with its internal laws, especially declared that it condemned the steps to increase the number of the electorate: "Baku Initiative Group has again demonstrated its support to Kanaki - New Caledonia in this period of crisis in the political history of New Caledonia, and stated that it will continue its activities in regional and international organizations, especially at the level of the International Court of Justice."

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