Heavy snowfall triggers fatal avalanches in Afghanistan's Nuristan and Panjshir provinces

27 people have lost their lives due to avalanches and snowdrifts caused by heavy snowfall in the Nuristan and Panjshir provinces of Afghanistan, SIA reports with reference to foreign media.

Mullah Janan Saik, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Natural Disasters of the interim government of Afghanistan, stated that the intense snowfall overnight in the Nuristan province resulted in avalanches and snowdrifts in the Tetrin valley of the Nurgram district.

Saik reported that as a result of the natural disaster, a significant number of houses were buried under snowdrifts and soil. He mentioned that search and rescue operations are ongoing, and so far, they have found the bodies of 25 individuals while 8 others have been reported injured.

On the other hand, in the Panjshir province, 2 miners lost their lives, and 1 worker was injured as a result of the snowdrifts.

The heavy snow affecting central and northern parts of Afghanistan has made it impossible to reach many residential areas.

Worker teams continue their efforts to clear roads in the affected regions.

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