"It is respected to faith of everyone"

" 2nd Summit of World Religious Leaders was an important event held in our country. It was not random hosted this event in Baku. First and foremost, Baku has been successfully hosting humanitarian, political, scientific and cultural events around the world for many years and Azerbaijan is recognized as a dilogue centre of the various themes.

"On the other hand, the state-religion relations have been well-established in our country and are already being studied and applied by other countries as an example." Azerbaijani Young Scientists Council Chairman Ilgar Orujov told SIA.

"Certainly, Mr. President's participation in this event should be especially noted and it demonstrates that, President attaches great importance on this sensitive issue. It is also a clear example of the President's attention to religious values." All religious communities have been created equal opportunities in Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan has had sharp position against interreligious tension continued in the modern world. Islam is a religion of friendship, a religion of morality, a religion that promotes peace. Representatives of religious minorities were also present at the Summit, and each side was given the same opportunities. Azerbaijan is the only country in the world where mosques, churches and synagogues are treated equally, and the government allocates money to religious communities to function normally.

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