Serbia doesn’t need any foreign bases on its territory — Vucic

Serbia doesn’t need any foreign military bases on its territory, President Alexandar Vucic said on Friday in response to reports that Serbia could host a Russian military base.

" Serbia doesn’t need any foreign military bases. Serbia will maintain its military neutrality. Serbia will strengthen its army on its own. Serbia will take care of its citizens and will be strong enough to be independent. It will build political alliances and will not be ashamed of its relations with Russia, the US and China, and will remain on the European path and take care of itself," he said.

The Serbian leader noted that the Russian ambassador to Serbia, Alexander Botsan-Kharchenko, "was completely correct in this matter."

Earlier, a number of media outlets spread information that Serbia was allegedly considering hosting a Russian military base. The Russian ambassador to Serbia said that hosting of military bases is a sovereign affair of Serbia.

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