Levan Osidze: "Armenians committed genocide against Georgian people"

In an interview with Caliber.Az, Georgian political scientist, Professor Levan Osidze, revealed interesting facts about the atrocities of Armenians in the Caucasus. We present a part of the interview to our readers.

Asked about the role of Armenians in the Abkhaz war, the political scientist said that the Armenian "Baghramyan" battalion also took part in the war: "After the expulsion of the Georgians from Abkhazia, the Armenians formed a majority there. They killed Georgians, tortured them, beheaded them, and even played football with their heads. These are not just words, all these events have been documented. This is evidenced by the 200-volume material of the Prosecutor General's Office of Georgia. Armenians committed genocide against Georgian people in Abkhazia

At present, there are many people of Armenian origin in the Georgian government. I raise this issue in all international forums. For example, Armenians recently raised the issue of giving them cultural autonomy in Abkhazia, they are ready to do anything to gain access to the Black Sea."

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