President: Those who worked in these positions before you were engaged in corruption

"When appointing heads of the executive authority of Jalilabad and Shamkir districts, I ordered them to resolve the remaining issues," President Ilham Aliyev said while receiving in a video format Rafig Jalilov due to his appointment as head of Jalilabad District Executive Authority and Rashad Taghiyev due to his appointment as head of Shamkir District Executive Authority.

SİA informs, citing AzerTag, that, according to the head of state, the great primary work has been done, and very good groundwork has been created.

"In your day-to-day activities, you should work in such a way that citizens are pleased with you; the development of the districts is accelerated. You should take the initiative to attract investors and create conditions for entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, however, we see the exact opposite in real life. As a result of that and also because of the serious shortcomings, violations, bribery, and corruption, the former heads of the executive authority of both Jalilabad and Shamkir districts are being prosecuted. Everyone can see that no one can stand above the law, that everyone is equal before the law. No one has immunity, and this is out of the question. I give these recommendations when appointing all government officials. However, those who worked in these positions before you were only concerned about their personal interest, engaged in looting, bribery, and corruption, indifferent to people's needs, dealing only with their own problems and personal businesses, not the day-to-day problems of the districts. And this, of course, caused legitimate dissatisfaction of the population. After all these facts came to light, both heads of executive authority were fired, of course, and will now be held accountable. An investigation is underway. The investigation will show everything. However, preliminary data, including evidence and investigative materials, suggest that the prosecution of these people was fully justified," the head of state added.

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