Turkish Parliament Speaker: What we see in Shusha can be done only by agressors

"I have heard wonderful words about Shusha. We are aware of the importance of the city in terms of culture," Speaker of the Turkish Grand National Assembly Mustafa Sentop said in Shusha.

"Shuha was always interesting for us, and visiting here got excited us differently. We haven't been able to walk around the city yet, since we arrived at night. However, today we will have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the city. What we have seen so far has made me a little sad. Those who say that they are the owners of a city and believe in it cannot leave the city in such a plight. It can be done only by those who live with the concept of aggression. There are no stones left not only in Shusha but in all liberated places. We have also witnessed rapid construction and restoration work to eliminate this provocation. I believe that everything will be ready to turn Shusha the cultural capital of Azerbaijan in a few months, "he said.

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