Commission for Crimes in Karabakh to politically, legally assess Armenian aggression

The recently created international commission to investigate war crimes in Azerbaijan’s Karabakh will give a political and legal assessment of the Armenian aggression, a member of the commission, Russian historian and military expert Oleg Kuznetsov said in an interview with Anadolu agency, SİA reports.

"The result of the commission's work will be a report, I think it will be a multi-volume report, which will not only reflect all facts about specific war crimes in Karabakh, but give a political and legal assessment of the criminal policy and practice of the Armenian occupiers in the Azerbaijani lands seized by them," Kuznetsov noted.According to him, since the commission is initially created as an international and non-governmental one, its activities will focus, naturally, not on the norms of national legislation, but on international law, and its main goal is to give a political and legal, rather than criminal and legal assessment of Armenian aggression against the peaceful population of Karabakh.

“Our commission can only inform about the atrocities committed in accordance with the norms of international law. Prosecution of the perpetrators is the direct responsibility of the state in accordance with the norms of national legislation. It's a function of investigative bodies, prosecutors and courts, which the commission has no right and won’t replace with itself in accordance with its status," he added.

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