Assistant to OIC Secretary-General: Armenian invaders committed vandalism against dead people, destructed cemeteries

The OIC has established a Contact Group on the conflict. Representatives of the Contact Group member states are taking part in the event today,” said Assistant to Secretary-General of Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in charge of Economic Affairs Ahmad Kawesa Sengendo at the press conference on results of the visit of permanent representatives of OIC Contact Group countries to Ganja and Aghdam today.

Affairs Ahmad Kawesa Sengendo noted that they visited the liberated territories for the first time. “We have witnessed vandalism of the Armenian armed forces to the buildings, mosques, and razing of the villages to the ground. This makes a sad impression. We have seen the traces of keeping pigs and cows in mosques, and the destruction of the cemeteries. The invaders vandalized not only the live people but also the dead people. This is a manifestation of inhuman behavior”.

Assistant Secretary-General of the OIC has noted that they are sure that the Azerbaijani state will implement the restoration work in these lands and IDPs will return to their lands.

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