Armenian-made mines revealed in Aghdam where official stepped on mine

Armenian-made mines were revealed in the territory of Aghdam yesterday, where the official stepped on a mine, an employee of the Mine Action Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan Khalig Zulfugarov told SİA.

According to him, the area where Chief of Azerbaijan's Aghdam District Mechanical Irrigation Department Hafiz Azizzadeh stepped on a mine in Novruzlu village of Aghdam, liberated from occupation, has been inspected. During the inspection, 3 Armenian-made "PMN-E" anti-personnel mines have been found and neutralized.

X. Zulfugarov also noted that the mines set up by Armenians have also found in other liberated settlements of Aghdam. As well as, the area along the railway line to be built in the district has been also inspected and 39 PMN mines have been found. 8 TM-62 P2 mines have been found and neutralized in other areas.

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