Azerbaijani President: No single incident occurred between civilian population of Armenia and the border troops of Azerbaijan

"I would like to note that there are no Armenian troops in the border areas in Eastern Zangezur, Gubadli, Zangilan, which have been liberated from occupation, and peace reigns there. Not a single incident happened there. That is, there was not a single incident between the civilian population of Armenia and the border troops of Azerbaijan" said Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev at the press conference held in a video format for local and foreign journalists, SİA reports.

"We do not cross the interstate border. In some villages, in which a certain part is located on the territory of Azerbaijan, no incidents occur. Because there is no Armenian army there. There were no border troops there. It turns out that the border troops of Armenia do not exist.

Considering that the border of Armenia with Turkey and Iran is guarded by Russian border troops, we are not taking any steps against the civilian population of Armenia in these territories. On the contrary, the road connecting some Armenian cities passes through the territory of Azerbaijan, and they can use this road. I will say more. On this road, we installed a sign with the words “Welcome to Azerbaijan”. I understand that this can cause irritation in Armenia. But we posted it with different intentions. We wanted if they wish to come to Azerbaijan, to meet them kindly. They can easily visit the internationally recognized territories of Azerbaijan. Naturally, if we want sustainable peace, we do not want any additional achievements. We want to get back what belongs to us," said Mr. President.

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