President: ANAMA will be reorganized

Work has already begun on the liberated lands. In the sense that relevant instructions have been given. First of all, demining is underway. Preliminary contacts have already been made in connection with urban development.

SİA reports that the statement came from President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev at a meeting on the results of 2020.

"In terms of demining, I think we need to strengthen this area a lot. Because, according to the information given to me, to date, the body dealing with this issue has no state status. ANAMA does not have state status, it is an ordinary agency. It has virtually no agency-specific powers in the public administration structure. This is a body that was once part of a commission. Therefore, I have already instructed to reorganize this body in the coming days. It is also possible to consider merging the territories with the Rehabilitation Agency. Because this body also has virtually no agency status. The composition of the number should be considered. According to my information, about 500 people work there" - the President stated.

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