Poetry Days of Vagif, “Khari Bulbul” festival must be restored in Shusha - President Aliyev

So let me repeat, the Poetry Days of Vagif must be restored in Shusha, the “Khari Bulbul” festival must be restored. A new road is being built to Shusha now. However, this road runs through an area with very difficult terrain. But we will achieve this. Plan your work so that these two events are held in Shusha this year – the “Khari Bulbul” festival and the Poetry Days of Vagif, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said receiving in a video format Anar Karimov on his appointment as Minister of Culture, SİA reports.

“The Poetry Days of Vagif should be restored in Shusha. The Poetry Days of Vagif were held traditionally. I remember that my father and I attended the Poetry Days of Vagif. I also attended the opening of Vagif's mausoleum on a snowy and cold day. It makes one’s heart ache to see Vagif's mausoleum now. How much savagery can there be? How much cruelty can there be? After all, what did the Azerbaijani people do to you? We only gave you bread. What did the people of Azerbaijan do for you to have so much hatred in your heart? You are destroying our cities, expelling our people, demolishing our historical sites. What is your goal? Do they think that this atrocity will be ever erased from our memory? We fought a war for 44 days and completely defeated Armenia. We could have taken any step, any step! But I said that we are not fighting against the civilian population. We are not fighting against history. We are not fighting against religious sites. Has any of their religious sites been destroyed? No! The casualties among their civilians are also very low and even that happened by accident. But look at what they did. The Khojaly genocide, the destruction of our mosques, the destruction of our cities. They have committed cultural genocide against us. The whole world, their patrons, and friends should see this. Foreign patrons who try to introduce it as a civilized nation surrounded by Muslims and those who believe in that, open your eyes to this, look what they have done! They are wild. Man does not act like that. This atrocity had to be stopped and it was. Shouldn’t they have been taught a lesson?” the head of state said.

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