We must turn Karabakh into one of the most beautiful regions of the world - Ilham Aliyev

"The situation on the lands liberated from the occupation foreshadows great difficulties. Everything is destroyed there – the infrastructure is destroyed, buildings are demolished, administrative buildings are demolished. There are currently no living conditions in these places. But we will restore these regions, all our districts, we will take all steps to create a normal life for our citizens," President Ilham Aliyev said, addressing the nation on December 1.

"In Lachin district, we have large forest areas – 22,000 hectares of its territory is covered by forest. This is also our great asset. Kalbajar district has 24,000 hectares of forest. In Zangilan and Gubadli districts, there are 12,000 hectares. At the same time, Hadrut district and a part of Khojavand district liberated from occupation have large forest areas too. Forests are the lungs of our planet. The hated and savage enemy had been cutting down and plundering our forests for 30 years, and recently set them on fire. Despite this, most of our forests remain intact because the enemy could not get into these forests, as they are located in remote mountain ranges. Of course, the restoration of destroyed and ruined infrastructure, including the felled trees, will also be in the spotlight.

I must also say that our great river, the Hakari, which is more than 100 kilometers long, originates in Lachin district. This is an issue of great strategic importance. I can say that more than 10 of our large and small rivers originate in the lands liberated from occupation. I would like to highlight four of them because the length of these rivers exceeds 100 kilometers. The Tartarchay, which is 200 kilometers long, the Bazarchay, which is about 180 kilometers long, the Khachinchay, which is about 120 kilometers long – these three rivers are located in Kalbajar district. The Hakari river is also one of our largest rivers, with a length of over 100 kilometers. This is very important because the sources of the main rivers passing through the territory of Azerbaijan are located in other countries. The sources of three of our main rivers, the Kur, the Araz and the Samur, are located in other countries. Of course, the fact that the sources of four large rivers are located on the territory of our country gives us a great advantage. These territories were under occupation, but they have now been liberated from occupation. Of course, our water resources will be of great importance in restoring the lands liberated from occupation and for future life there. Relevant instructions have already been given and there are plans to build reservoirs there. This in itself is one of the factors that will have a great impact on the development of agriculture and building an environmental equilibrium.

The overall economic, agricultural and tourism potential of all the liberated districts is great," the head of the state noted.

President Aliyev also added that we must maximize this potential and turn the Karabakh region into one of the most beautiful regions not only in Azerbaijan, but also in the world.

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