Armenia's current leadership unable to solve real problems well - Russian political strategist

The current Armenian leadership is unable to solve real problems well, well-known Russian political strategist, director of the Institute of Contemporary Development Dmitry Solonnikov told.

"Its strong point is information noise, hype, provocations to support sponsors from abroad - from Western Europe and the US,” the political strategist added. “That’s why, a "multi-vector foreign policy", participation in NATO exercises were organized and the monuments to the henchmen of Nazi Germany were installed.”

“If the previous Armenian leaders were realistic about the international situation around their country, now the objective worldview has moved aside, giving way to myth-making,” Solonnikov added. “But beautiful dreams disappear in terms of harsh reality but fear does not give an opportunity to adequately assess the actions, the consequences, and reaction of the whole world.”

“In these conditions, the Armenian leadership, brought up on the methodological instructions of the Soros Foundation, resorts to various provocations, "Solonnikov said.

“The shelling of civilians in the cities which are far from the combat zone, the murder of women and children have never had and have no excuses, no matter what those who give the appropriate orders say,” the political strategist said.

“At the same time, the Armenian leadership may have several targets at once,” Solonnikov said.

“Firstly, without winning on the battlefield, it resorts to the tactics of intimidating civilians, fighting against the elderly, women and children,” the political strategist said. “Secondly, it is an attempt to provoke a response and force Azerbaijan to strike at the civilians in Armenia’s cities and then try to involve other countries in hostilities, first of all, the members of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), using the corresponding articles of the treaty.”

“Armenian politicians are not concerned that this can lead to a global war between Russia, a CSTO member, and Turkey, a NATO member, and, accordingly, the beginning of a hot conflict between two nuclear blocs,” the political strategist said. “Thirdly, the fact that missiles are now falling both on the territory of Dagestan and on the territory of Iran, shows the extremely low combat readiness of the Armenian armed forces.”

“Here we can talk about poor organization and control over the current processes,” Solonnikov said. “There are several coordination centers, several forces of influence from the Armenian side, not all of them are ready to obey Yerevan. Here we can talk about provocations at a lower level. It is possible."

“Azerbaijan perfectly understands the provocative nature of such attacks and the true goals of their organizers,” Solonnikov added. "President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said that “we answer them on the battlefield".”

“And this is a very accurate position,” the political strategist said. “Russia is also fully aware of the provocative nature of such actions and is ready to distinguish fake news aimed at drawing it into the conflict from real objective information."

While speaking about bringing the perpetrators to an international court, Solonnikov stressed that hostilities must first stop.

“Perhaps, following the results of the current confrontation, there will be big changes in the current Armenian leadership and the processes directed against its current leaders will begin in Armenia,” the political strategist said.

“Perhaps there will be an international investigation of all the circumstances and reasons that caused the casualties among the civilians, the search for those who gave the appropriate orders and fulfilled them,” the political strategist said. “In any case, the hostilities must first cease, which the Russian side has repeatedly called for."

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