Armenian government works under guidelines, recommendations of int’l structures, such as Soros Foundation - Russian political strategist

The current Armenian government works in accordance with the guidelines and recommendations of international structures, such as the Soros Foundation and similar ones, a well-known Russian political strategist, director of the Institute of Contemporary Development Dmitry Solonnikov told SİA.

“In spring 2018, a new leadership appeared in Yerevan, which is more specialized in mass PR events than in real governance,” the political strategist added. “The current Armenian government, formed after the overthrow of the previous cabinet of ministers, operates in accordance with the guidelines and recommendations of international structures such as the Soros Foundation and similar ones. Its main strategy is to create a vivid situation, a quick attack through various communication channels, ensure information pressure."

“The same was organized in the current situation, namely, an attempt to put pressure on Russia, organizing the information provocations against the stable policy of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), involving the countries of the treaty in a war with Turkey, a NATO member-state,” Solonnikov added.

“Before the beginning of the hot stage of the conflict, there was a very difficult situation in Armenia both in the economy and in the system of state administration,” Solonnikov said. “A shake-up, which could be attributed to internal difficulties, and which would help to rally the population around the central government was required. This is an important and actual question.”

“What could Armenia count on, disrupting the negotiation process of the peaceful transfer of the occupied territories - on the military power, which allows holding the conquered territories indefinitely?" the political strategist said. “But there is no military power. The modernization of the Azerbaijani armed forces has been recently ahead of a similar process in Armenia. Could Armenia count on growing economic power? But there is no economic power either. Being in a difficult geopolitical situation, Armenia cannot enter the trajectory of development. Could Armenia count on political superiority? But Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity has never been questioned by the international community."

“As a result, the feeling of its own impunity and general irresponsibility for the decisions taken under someone else's dictation pushed Yerevan’s authorities to the decision to organize military provocations,” Solonnikov said.

"Armenia has not had its own forces for real military actions for a long time,” the expert said. “At the same time, over the past two years, Yerevan’s authorities, pursuing a "multi-vector" policy, have greatly complicated the relations with Russia, namely, by participation in the NATO’s maneuvers, the persecution related to the Russian language and Russian TV channels, the glorification of the memory of Hitler's accomplice, war criminal convicted by the Soviet court - Garegin Nzhdeh."

“Therefore, Armenia had to resort to a series of provocations,” Solonnikov added. “But all Yerevan’s attempts to cause a fire on Armenia’s territory itself or to prove the participation of representatives of third countries in hostilities were futile.”

“Moscow clearly separates reality from fake news,” the expert said. “And the more the fake news is the more complex the attitude towards the side that disseminates the fake news is. Russia will be very sensitive to the attempts to manipulate its position and drag it into someone else's conflict for the sake of dubious interests. That’s why there is a vivid deviation of the Russian leadership from the pro-Armenian position."

“The agreements reached as a result of the eleven-hour talks can be viewed as a victory for both Moscow, which has demonstrated its influence on the situation and a victory of Azerbaijan's diplomacy,” Solonnikov said. “First of all, this concerns the clause that the parties begin substantive negotiations with the aim of achieving a peaceful settlement as soon as possible. This initiative has already been voiced by the Azerbaijani side during the talks several times and it has been already fixed.”

“This is an opportunity to establish peace as a result of negotiations, rather than hostilities,” the expert said. “This is a chance for Armenia to hold the civilized negotiations, rather than to lose the war and admit defeat.”

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