Death of civilians in Ganja should not go unpunished - Azerbaijan's Deputy PM

Armenia's missile attacks on residential buildings in Azerbaijan's Ganja and the killing of civilians are an extreme form of vandalism, Azerbaijan's Deputy Prime Minister, Deputy Chairman, Executive Secretary of the New Azerbaijan ruling party (YAP) Ali Ahmadov wrote on Facebook, SİA reports.

"Let the whole world open its eyes wide and see what a treacherous, treacherous, inhuman enemy Azerbaijan is facing," he writes.

Ahmadov noted that the world should understand that crimes against humanity should not go unpunished.

"Being unfaithful to one's word and killing children are an integral part of the Armenian way of life and morals. The barbarity committed by the Armenians in Azerbaijan's Ganja is a clear example of this. The mediators should give a proper assessment of Armenia's vandalism. The death of civilians in Ganja should not and will not go unpunished," Ahmadov said.

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