Azerbaijani president: Azerbaijan one of handful of countries that carry out fully independent policy

Today, Azerbaijan is one of a handful of countries that carry out a completely independent policy – both externally and internally, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said in his message on the start of a new school year and Knowledge Day, SİA reports..

“As an independent country today, we have made great strides. In any sphere, the Azerbaijani people see what the advantages of independence are. Azerbaijan is a dignified country today. It acts with dignity on international arena. Azerbaijan is a free country and our citizens live in freedom. In economic sphere, Azerbaijan is a developing country with a powerful army. We have achieved all this during the period of independence,” Azerbaijani president said.

President Ilham Aliyev went on to add that Azerbaijan's independent policy enjoys the support of the people.

“I feel it all the time, every day. This support gives me additional strength. Relying on it, we confidently lead Azerbaijan forward. Our children and youth need to lead the country along this path in the future – the path of independence, so that the Azerbaijani people never depend on anyone in the future, so that we never fall under the influence of anyone. As I said, knowledge, competence, patriotism, national spirit and dignity play the main role here," the head of state said.

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