Nikol`s "COVID-19 manoeuvre": The quarantine is tightened

We will tighten the quarantine regime. Everyone should understand that we have to do it.

SİA reports citing Armenian media that the statement came from Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan. According to Pashinyan, the coronavirus can paralyze the country in autumn:

"I have instructed the Cabinet of Ministers to tighten the rules. There is no other way to eradicate the epidemic. Because schools are opening. There are those who say, Opening schools is putting our children at risk. We have to open schools. We have no other way out. We can make decisions to protect them."

It should be noted that the extension of the state of emergency in Armenia until January 11, 2021, was met with dissatisfaction. Especially those who want to leave the country due to the deplorable economic situation in the country have started protests demanding the opening of roads.

Experts say Nikol Pashinyan is abusing the coronavirus pandemic to neutralize political pressure from the opposition.

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