Prime Minister set task regarding procedure of involvement in work of employees in 48 state agencies

The Cabinet of Ministers has sent letter to 48 state agencies (ministries, agencies, etc.), head of the press service of the Cabinet of Ministers Ibrahim Mammadov said in his statement to SİA.

3 main points are envisaged in the letter signed by Prime Minister Ali Asadov on August 10: "The task has been set regarding bringing up the number of employees that will be involved in work in the state agencies specified in the letter from 20-30% to 50% at the most. I would like to remind that so far, 20 and 30% of employees had been involved in work at those state agencies. The rate of this number has already been raised to up to 50%. Based on the second point mentioned in the letter, the task has been set not to involve in work at state agencies of employees at the age above 65. And the third point is that it has been instructed to involve employees in work at state agencies in the order of rotation by determining weekly work schedules”.

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