African leaders intend to visit Russia against to discuss Ukrainian conflict — NGO

A delegation of African leaders may carry out a second visit to Russia to discuss ways to settle the conflict in Ukraine, says Jean-Yves Ollivier, founder of the Brazzaville Foundation, an international non-governmental organization, which provides assistance in promotion of the African peace initiative.

"It is still possible that the African peace mission will visit Ukraine and Russia again to convince the two parties to put an end to the conflict," he told TASS.

He pointed out that the high-level delegation of African countries intends to "encourage both sides to engage in a meaningful dialogue to achieve a resolution," adding that "the African leaders of the African mission are committed to playing a neutral role."

Meanwhile, he opined that the outcome of the parliamentary elections in South Africa, which plays the leading role in the promotion of the African peace initiative, will not cause a change of this country’s approach to the situation in Ukraine.

"South Africa is committed to making its best effort to understand both parties and is ready to assist in the peace process," Ollivier said, adding that South Africa engages in "permanent contacts with both countries" in order to promote "peace initiatives."

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