International Symposium discusses landmine and unexploded ordnance issues in Azerbaijan's liberated territories

The problem of existing mines and unexploded military ordnance in the liberated territories of Azerbaijan was discussed at the 20th International Symposium on Mine Action held in the city of Šibenik, Croatia.

Several state officials of Croatia, representatives of various countries' mine action agencies, specialists from non-governmental and donor organizations in this field, as well as representatives of manufacturing companies, participated in the international event, SIA reports citing the Azerbaijan Mine Action Agency.

Within the framework of the mentioned symposium, discussions were held on technical and managerial solutions to mine threats, exchange of latest scientific-practical achievements, and experiences in dealing with mines, including demonstrations of equipment produced by various companies.

Members of the agency's delegation presented on the problem of existing mines and unexploded military ordnance in Azerbaijan's liberated territories, the scale of contamination with explosive devices, obstacles to recovery and rehabilitation efforts, and the impediments to the return of displaced persons, emphasizing the necessity of international cooperation and support in this area.

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