Dangerous Situation prevailing in Iran - ANALYSIS

Peaceful protests are not at all dangerous, but woe the day when those peaceful protests change their nature, i.e. become less peaceful. When the protests get out of control it becomes undesirable situation for the state. Iran is currently in such situation.

The state ruled by the Mullah regime is not only unable to cope with protests anymore, it is not even in a position to govern, and therefore indulges in all kinds of violent and inhumane, illegal practices. In fact, that very dangerous situation is already prevailing in Iran.

When citizens want to air their problems and do so without any pressure, it is considered a peaceful protest. For example, there is nothing unusual about a group of people gathering in a square and peacefully protesting and voicing their concerns. On the contrary, such a society is considered a democratic society, of course, if violence is not applied by the state against it, human rights and freedom of speech are not prevented. It goes without saying that it is no longer possible to talk about such a protest in Iran. Because in Iran, the skin is pulled from the throat of those who raise their voice.

In short, there can be no talk of a peaceful protest in Iran. In a country where a citizen can be beaten, arrested, or even shot because of the incorrect covering of the headscarf, is it possible to speak the word 'peaceful protest' in that country?

Since September of last year, protests and unrest continues in Iran. The protests have long since become mass attended. If the Iranian authorities were able to cope with the protests for a while, now that is no longer a possibility.

The protests have become unmanageable and the desperation of the Iranian government is already clear as the day. It is precisely in such a desperate situation that the state ruled by the mullah regime considers the way out to the participants of the protest action. About 500 people have already been killed for participating in protests. Yes, killed. This regime is ruthless. About 14,000 of the protesters were also illegally arrested and their freedom of speech, expression and rights were violated. Even some of those arrested were executed, and this is acceptable for the authorities of Iran. What can we call this? Only violation and illegality? No, it's brutality.

Why do the authorities controlled by the mullah regime can commit these actions? Why does this government not shy away from such atrocities? Because a special group has taken over all the power and main wealth of the country. Who are they? They are members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and other groups that do not want to share power and wealth with anyone else. Because they and their accomplices steal and even rob a large amount of funds from the state and a number of state-owned companies. The members of the corrupt elite of this country are themselves millionaires and have become millionaires by robbing the country themselves. That's why they don't even hesitate to use their privileges, opportunities, and wealth to kill anyone who speaks out, or even dare to disagree with them.

More than 70 percent of the population protested and opposed the government run by the Mullah regime. National minorities, in general, have no eyes to see the current Iranian government. They have nothing but hatred for the authority. Because they are discriminated against daily. Sometimes even humiliated. It is forbidden for them to even speak their own language, let alone study in their own language. Punitive measures are also taken for those who do not obey these barbaric rules, and those who speak their own language are brutally punished. Violence against national minorities has become commonplace in Iran. Those who come to the streets and squares with such a demand have to face very bad resistance and even violence from the police. Of course, Iranian citizens, whose rights have been trampled on, are protesting against this. These protests are no longer peaceful protests. Sometimes a group of people, fed up with the violence of the Iranian police, such as students, workers, use Molotov cocktails and use force against the police. This means that protests have already lost their peaceful character in this country. An unexpected event can happen at any moment, and it is not even possible to prevent massacres. So, the situation in Iran is quite dangerous.

It goes without saying that such use of force by a government is not desirable, but let's admit that talking to the ruling group in Iran is both useless and impossible. In what way can one speak with a government that punishes, arrests, even murders and executes its citizens for wearing the headscarf incorrectly? Is it possible to speak in some 'language' with a government that uses superstition to keep the masses in obedience? Maybe peaceful protests can have some effect on the mullah's regime? In general, did this regime ever allow peaceful protests without violence for the citizens to express their objections? As a result, the protestors - against the violence they received also start using violence, which made the whole situation even more uncontrollable. And almost started a 'civil war' of some sort in Iran.

Yes, the Iranian police use force and violence against the participants of the protest. Action participants have to respond adequately to it. Moreover, the confrontations have gone too far. In short, was this what the Iranian authorities wanted - were they able to achieve what they wanted with violence? Can this situation be considered acceptable for Iran, and I wonder if the mullah's regime is comfortable now? Of course, it is not comfortable, and that regime itself is now sitting on a thorn. However, in the example of Armenia, they sticks their nose into the affairs of other countries and goes out of their way to create confusion. They encourage and inspire the invader and terrorists to confuse the situation in the region. Even going as far as supporting the occupier - providing weapons and ammunition, and thereby taking all possible actions to disrupt stability.

As the saying goes, "He who cannot take care of himself tries to help others", Iran supports Armenia even though it cannot control the situation within its own country. In the background of so many protest waves, with what reason does a country that is on the verge of a civil war think about helping another country?

In fact, Iran is currently the target of most countries in the world, and this means that at any moment, more terrible events can be committed against it. In the backdrop of foreign scenarios, the fate of this country can still be questioned. Also, didn't the protest of Azerbaijanis wake up Iran? I wonder if the mullah's regime has thought about whether it will be able to withstand that force? Iran may consider itself ready to suppress the voices of hundreds or even thousands of people, but no country can suppress the voices of millions.

If Azerbaijanis, tens of millions of people living in territories that are now called 'Iran', which are historical Azerbaijani lands, stand up, the situation of this country will be worse. Why does the mullah's regime, seeing the dangerous situation both from a geopolitical and internal point of view, think about Armenia's borders and not its own? Maybe the fate of Armenia interests Iran more than its own fate.

Even if it is late, Iranian government has to think about its destiny. The most correct way for the Mullah regime is not to poke its nose into other people's affairs, but to solve its own internal problems and eliminate the critical situation it's in.

Moreover, official Tehran should not be against a country that creates stability and safety in the region, a country whose citizens are mostly Muslims, and should be interested in normal neighborly relations with Azerbaijan. Otherwise, this point can lead to undesirable consequences for Iran. Azerbaijan is no longer a weak state as it was at the end of the last century, it has strong potential, it has a voice in the world and is determined to defend itself, demand its rights, and give a worthy response at any time. Iran has not achieved anything through terrorism or provocation, and it is obvious that any provocation has been overcome. If the Iranian side intends to continue such provocations, as well as supporting the occupying state and encouraging it to separatism, it should take into account that its situation will be more difficult and more dangerous. Because with such dangerous games, there is no doubt, the dangerous situation prevailing in Iran may turn into a more serious phase.

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