5.9-magnitude earthquake rocks Japan, tsunami threat lifted

An earthquake with a magnitude of 5.9 earthquake has been registered in Japan's Ishikawa Prefecture, the same region hit by a series of powerful earthquakes earlier this year, the Japan Meteorological Agency reported.

According to it, the epicenter of the earthquake was in the area of the Noto Peninsula, and the source was at a depth of 10 kilometers.

There were no reports of casualties or destruction, and a tsunami warning was issued, but a few minutes after the earthquake, the warning was canceled. Ten minutes after the first earthquake, another one of similar magnitude occurred in the same area. Residents are being warned of the possibility of more earthquakes and are being urged to remain calm and vigilant.

A series of strong earthquakes did not cause any emergencies at local nuclear facilities, Japanese energy companies said. In particular, the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa and Shika Nuclear Power Plants, which are located in the same region of the country where the earthquakes occurred, did not experience any emergencies or changes in background radiation levels.

Since January 1, a series of earthquakes of varying magnitudes have occurred near the Noto Peninsula in the Ishikawa Prefecture on the coast of the Sea of Japan. The magnitude of the strongest of them was 7.6, causing a powerful tsunami. As a result of the disaster, more than 240 people died and more than 1,100 were injured. A total of 38,600 commercial, administrative and residential buildings were totally or partially destroyed.

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